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Pictures from the fourth! July 5, 2012

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I REALLY missed my girlies. It was so enjoyable spending a night reunited. This summer surely has not been going as planned as far as hanging out and crazy nights go. Everyone’s schedules are so busy with their own agendas.

I met up with them at Dunkin and after chilling there for a bit we decided we had better head up to the fireworks. The drive wasn’t too bad, around fifteen minutes I’d guess. Turns out we showed up two hours before the start time! We wanted to get a spot, but I think that we would not have had to be so early. We spent the time chatting about typical teen stuff: SAT’s, college, leaving town, growing up, plans for senior year.

During the actually fireworks show there was a terrible thunder and lightening storm going on around us. I found it kind of funny, but tried to not pay it any mind. Here’s a few photos from the evening:

I’m not really a fan of how my braces appear in the first photo, but oh well. The red balloon shaped things with the fire underneath were these awesome flying lanterns. Its basically like a makeshift hot air balloon. Seeing a bunch of them in the sky was really awesome, although also terrifying at first because we wondering if one would fall on us. Hope you all had a fantastic fourth!


People Drive Me Nuts. June 24, 2012

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Just found out some disturbing information. My mom works for a center in the state where they take care of people of all ages who are not capable of independence. Its really a shame. Some of the patients were dropped off by their families as small children and have been there their entire lives, even though there isn’t anything wrong with them besides slight mental handicaps.

As awful as that is, that is not the point of this post. The reason I’m going nuts is the way they waste food. I was informed that after the meals are over they dumb the excess food down the disposal. That is ludicrous! I’m not saying that wasting a little food here and there is so awful, but just dumping away all of the extra food?! I don’t mean to sound like those preachy commercials, but honestly, with the hungry not only in Africa and other third world countries, but in OUR OWN COUNTRY, I find this throwing away of food just plain appalling.


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